Monday, July 9, 2012

The Greatest Feeling!

A wave of peace has washed over me in the last little while.  It has been a couple of weeks since I have experienced a panic attack and I could not be gladder about that.  Even last night when work definitely was not working out for me and was taking extremely longer than it should have and I very easily could have had a panic attack I didn’t.  I rejoice in the Lord that He is protecting me from these attacks.  Granted I was not pleased that it took over six and a half hours to do a job that usually takes a maximum of three hours I was able to have a peace about it when it was all said and done.   
I have also been able to give a lot of stuff up to God in the last couple of weeks.  There have been some big ‘changes’/decisions that have cropped up for me in the last little bit and I have let God take control of these things instead of trying to do it on my own.  It has felt great to bring some pretty big areas of change to Him and say ‘Well God, what do you have in store for this area of my life? I really want to honour and glorify You in my decision, so please show me how I can do that.’  The waiting for His guidance hasn’t been the easiest thing; however, it actually hasn’t been that difficult either.  I know that He will bring me to my answer in His perfect timing and I am resting in that. J

It has been so great to be able to rest in Him and know that He will care for me in every area of my life.  I do not have to worry and that is the greatest feeling in the world!  

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