Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ramblings on the fall

The summer is coming to a close and that means, for a lot of people, including myself, that changes are right around the corner.  For the past five years (and before that if you count when I was still in high school) the end of the summer meant getting ready to return to school.  This year I am sort of returning to school, but not full time like I have in the past.  Since I only have five courses left to finish I am doing them as I can, which means I also am looking for employment.  This is a scary thing for me to do because up until this point the only jobs I have had were either part time or something that was temporary so it was never a big deal about where I was working.

As I look for some place to work I really want to be able to use at least some of the skills that I have acquired at school and I also want to please my Heavenly Father with the job that I choose.  I desperately want to live in God’s plan for my life and I am so thankful that I can run to Him and through prayer and His Word I can hear Him speak to me.  I am also grateful that He is so willing to guide me where He wants me to be. 

I badly want to be doing God’s work in this world and I know that He has prepared a work for me to, whether it is in an established mission field, or out on the street somewhere, where people would say I am just a part of the secular world.  I know that everything I do in my life is a part of His mission and I truly hope that I can live out my life that others also see that work being done.  I have spent the last (almost) four whole months working in a ministry and I have had great opportunity to show God’s love to the people who come here, but sometimes I wonder if that is really what I am to be doing.  Let me clarify that statement, because I know that I am to be showing God’s love to the people around me and I do strive to do just that (I also know that I frequently fail at this, but I’m a work in progress J).  However, I sometimes wonder how much more of a ministry I could have if I weren’t working somewhere where it is expected that the Bible and God’s love is taught.  When people come to the camp the fact that it is called Valley View Bible Camp should tip them off to the fact that we are all about God and the Bible.  If I were working at a restaurant or as a receptionist somewhere people would not expect me to be living my life for God but they would be able to notice that there is something different about me (hopefully, anyway) and that would be living out God’s love.

That is a lot of rambling but it is a little bit about what is on my heart.  The other thing that is on my heart is the possibility of a job that I have applied for.  For the past month and a half I focused on looking for jobs specifically in the social work (and even more specifically Child and Family Services) field and I sent a few resumes off to agencies and waited to see if I would hear anything back from them.  I still hadn’t heard anything at the end of last week and I was talking with my boyfriend about what the fall was possibly going to look like and I mentioned that I thought I should maybe start looking at other options as well as the social work stuff that I had already ‘applied’ to.  He thought this was a good idea and so I went online and started looking.  On Saturday night/Sunday morning I wrote an email to the director of YFC in Brandon for a position as a life skills coach.  I have since filled out the application and returned it to YFC and the director has even emailed me about it already and wants to meet with me.  This is really exciting for me and I hope that I am following God’s will with the decision to apply for this position.

So, for all you who are reading this, I would ask that you would join with me in praying that God’s will be done with this job opportunity and that wherever it is that I wind up in the fall that I can glorify Him in all that I do. J

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