Friday, August 31, 2012

The Waiting Game

Wow, it feels like this blog post should have been written and posted a few days ago – actually it should have been but I got busy with other stuff and didn’t get the chance to put my thoughts down.
Since my last post I was able to meet with the Director of YFC Uturn and it was an awesome time learning about what the position of life skills coach would all entail.  At the end of our meeting he asked me to think and pray about our conversation and talk to a couple of trusted people and ask them to partner with me in prayer about whether or not God wanted me in this position.  He also said that he would be praying for me as well, which I thought was really cool.  I spent the next day and a half doing exactly what Desmond had asked me and two days later I called him and told him that I felt God was still calling me to this position.  He then got busy setting up a panel interview – this came together much faster than he even thought it would and by Friday night I knew that I would be meeting with the panel on Tuesday afternoon.
So on Tuesday I drove into Brandon for the interview – and unlike my first interview I wasn’t nervous or anxious.  I knew that if God wanted me in this position that He would give me the words to say and that the people doing the interviewing would be able to see my heart and passion for the work that they have set out to do.  I went into the interview and at first it seemed like my nerves were going to come back but God calmed them and I was able to present myself as the confident and competent person that I am.  After talking with the group of YFC staff for almost a whole hour I was told that I would be hearing from Desmond in a couple of days to find out if they think I am a good fit for the job. 
I am now playing the waiting game.  Every time I have checked my email since Tuesday afternoon I catch myself holding my breath for a second until I know whether or not I have a new message.  And every time I do have a new message I can't wait to see if it is from Desmond, and when it isn’t my heart falls just a little bit.  I know that God is teaching me patience through this whole waiting process and I know that it is a lesson that I need to learn (and I’m sure I will continue to learn throughout my life) but I also know that it isn’t necessarily an easy lesson to learn.  I thank God that He is bringing me through this waiting period and that I have not been worried about what the email will say, once it does come, because I know that it could be something that could cause me anxiety.  Thankfully I have resolved to live in His plan for my life and whatever YFC decides I know that it will be a part of God’s plan.
Thank you for everyone who has partnered with me in the matter up until this point.  I would ask that you would continue to pray for me as I wait to hear as well as pray for wisdom and guidance for the YFC team making the decision. J

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