Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blind Faith

It has been a long time since I last even thought about blogging, or journalling, or documenting what is going on in my life in any way. However, there have bee some pretty big changes in my life in the last little while and it seems like a great time to start writing again.

For the last three and a half years I have been pursuing a career in the field of social work. I have been in school with a BSW as my end goal and things were going pretty well. That is until this last semester. As I continued through my social work classes I continued to see areas in my life where I needed to figure stuff out before I could help others solve their own problems. I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about what I should do about this little dilemma. Needless to say that this previous semester was really difficult for me to put effort into my classes because I wasn't sure if I should be at Booth or if I should be somewhere else, pursuing something else.

Near the end of the semester I received my answer, I should not finish my social work degree right now. This was one of the scariest thoughts I've had in my life, I mean I have spent a lot of time and money working towards this degree and I was going to be graduating in April. What did it mean that God was telling me to put my BSW on hold. After I received this answer I needed to know what I should be doing instead. Should I take some time off of school and work? Should I go to school somewhere else and study something else? What am I supposed to do? Thankfully God answered these questions for me as well.

I am returning to Providence for one semester to receive a BA in social sciences with a focus on psychology and sociology. Prov is where I started my education back in 2008 and it will be great to graduate from there in April. Yes, I am still graduating in April, which is great. God really worked out all the details that were scaring me about making this new decision. God even helped me to tell my parents about my choice in person, instead of being a coward and doing it over the phone as I had originally planned.

Now that I have trusted God through all of these changes in my life with nothing but blind faith I need to have the same blind faith to trust that somehow I will have the funds I need to pay for school and continue living at my apartment in the city. Faith is not always easy, it is not always my first instinct but it is what I need to cling to for everything.

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